Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little Lucan time

Last week I worked a ridiculous amount of hours in a very short period of time with the idea that I would pay it forward and be off until after my little girlies went back to school.  Being off until they are back to school = great idea.  Ridiculous amount of hours + short period of time + being pregnant = bad idea.  In my job, I can't be crabby so guess who gets to suffer when I am tired and crabby?  You guessed family.  So basically it took me 2 days of crabbiness to recover from my exhaustion.  Bad news = my poor family for 2 days.  Good news = I am off with my family for a long time to soak up the last few weeks of summer with our girls!  (Who needs vacation time when you have a maternity leave coming up?!  Ha.)  This past weekend while Steve was away on a generous guys weekend planned by our dear friends John and Amy, we decided to head to Lucan for the weekend to visit my family.  

We had such a nice time, I had a spontaneous lunch with my friend Tiffany, I caught up on some rest, I was able to visit with my parents, sister, brother and sister in law and the little cousins were able to play up a storm.  We hit a fun little local museum, enjoyed some ice cream and enjoyed swimming at the cousins' pool. 

the kids played so well together and I enjoyed the time away from home while I was a single parent.
The ride home was pretty painful as Syd and Tess had a difficult time resisting fighting.  Alex and Gabby on the other hand were good.  Interesting how when Steve is in the car he gives "1 warning."  I have to give roughly 50....can we say, "ineffective parenting?"  Now I am going to crawl in bed and am looking forward to my BF returning tomorrow.

And guess what?  For the first time since June..........I am caught up on the blog!  Woot, woot!

Have a great week!
Love, Gina

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