Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Camping Weekend!

Our family camping weekend this summer was a hit as usual.  The weekend involved hiking, chatting and laughter, fishing, tenting, and of course a ton of spoiling by the aunts and uncles.  It is one of our favorite weekends of the summer and this is coming from someone who isn't really a "camper." We know we look like ragamuffins on the photos but that is the way it is supposed to be!

We always start out with the truck packed to the roof!  Next year will be no different!
Hiking with great grandma!
Healthy snacks always in reach.

 Games to be played.
 Ice cream making
 The winning trophy
 Crazy girl
 Turtle finding

 Setting him free
 Fishing time!

 2 of her favorite things:  dogs and fishing
 the beautiful view

 more hanging out
 the jerky contest organizers
 the dirty crew after clean up on sunday
we loved our camping weekend.  Thank you again to my aunts and uncles for making it so special.

Lots of love, Gina

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stacey said...

I love the photo of Tess on the dock with the dog. It looks like you guys had a great time. I think it's so great that you do this every year.