Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

We recently took our family vacation to Eagles Nest and had a wonderful time.  

As per usual we packed the truck to the ceiling and bikes in tow.  (I can't imagine next year with an additional little person...I know Steve is daydreaming about a van!)  
we of course stopped at our favorite little junk haven on the way
Treasure City
And then before we knew it we had made it to a little piece of heaven
Eagles Nest 
This is where we wake up to this view every morning.  Glorious.

Cabin #6 has a lot of memories for us and we can't wait until next year to come back again!  

I snapped a ridiculous amount of photos as I never want to forget any of it so pardon the photo overload.

We biked to Nisswa pretty much every day and sometime multiple times a day for fun and of course to hit every one's favorite shop....

The Chocolate Ox

We also enjoyed vegging, reading, playing games and hanging out in our cabin.

and when we weren't in our cabin,
the lake was a our favorite place to be.

playing on the beach kept this little girl happy

and this cool girl enjoyed fishing several times a day!
this guy kept the tubers very happy!
Watching the girls tubing made me so very happy.  Seeing them so happy and to see how well they did almost brought tears to my eyes.  (shocker)

the happy couple

being able to spend uninterrupted time with the girls and my husband was priceless.

I have pretty much decided things would be perfect if neither of us worked and our only responsibilities were a 1 bedroom cabin at a resort on a lake!
this little man kept us all on our toes!

as usual Katie took care of everyone
and Jenna too
s'mores made us very happy

and so did just playing every minute

Turtle races are a highlight for our family (no winners this year.)

then back in the water
some even went for a moonlight swim
then back to the cabin where everyone would crash for the night. 

Everyday was full of fun and relaxation

and we also fit in the forced family photo by Mom (they will thank me for this someday.)

One last time in the boat

and our last supper (aka fridge clean out.)

I already miss this little place so much
until next year we have so many memories and a ton of photos.  
The girls were so good, life is so simple there, 
we wake up, we eat, we play, we eat, we play, we eat again, we read and we go to bed.  
I love it.  
I really could go back today.  

Have a great day.
Love, Gina


stacey said...

I love seeing your photos every year, especially the family ones. Is it me or does Gabby look really grown up all of a sudden?? And you and your cute little belly are so adorable. I miss you.

Robert Wise said...
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