Thursday, August 08, 2013

Father-Daughter Trip

Soon this will just become the "post of the summer"  since I am still really in June.  What can I say, we have been busy having fun and after I have fun these days...I go to bed!  So back to June!
June was a fun month with a lot of activities.

Sydney's Trip with Dad:
Steve had a family reunion/birthday/graduation party in Alabama and because he is such a great Dad he took Miss Sydney along for some one on one time with him, touring and a chance to see some new places.  Some of the places they visited were: Nashville, Tennessee, Grand Ole Opry, Helen Keller's Birthplace and Huntsville, Alabama.  Sydney was really great about taking photos along the way with Steve's phone and kept me updated.  These are just a few of the photos they shared with me.

They really had a great time and I was so proud of the two of them for taking a trip together.  We will see who gets a turn next time.

Have a great night!
Love, Gina

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