Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some days it is pretty awesome to be a kid! (and actually a parent too!)

Some days it is just awesome to be a kid and our weeks before returning to school were pretty awesome.  

Sweet friends invited us to go swimming with them and on this hot week and it was so much fun.
 steve returned from his weekend away and we went directly to the Mall of America for some ride fun for the girls.
 while we were there we had to check out the awesome lobby of the new Radisson Blu.
the lobby is awesome and I am sure the rooms are too so Steve and I booked a night for us before we become a family of 6! (No girls, you are not invited even though you have asked a million times.)

Every year I take the girls school shopping together and the fitting room scene is enough to give me an ulcer so this year I was much smarter and gave them each their day!
Back to school shopping individually was brilliant and so much fun.  Both girls were so different but fun in their own ways.

The first day was Tess and I.  She was easy and so sweet.  In the first store we were in the fitting room and she said to me in her most genuine voice, "You can't imagine how fun this is for me Mom."  It made my day.  We hit two stores and Tess had all she needed to be ready to start the school year.  Very no nonsense, found what she liked, tried it on and done.  Brilliant on her part because then we had time to ride on rides at the mall.  When it was time for lunch she picked The Rainforest Cafe.  After riding more rides it was time to head home.  On the way home she said to me, "You should really stop and get yourself a treat because all day has been for me."  Actually, the time alone with Tess was a a treat for me too.
Sydney and I also had fun together on her day alone with me.  Her shopping methods were very different but cute.  Because we couldn't buy everything she fell in love with, we went to a million stores, she tried on a million things, put aside her favorites and then we went back to all of her favorite stores and made decisions on what we could buy.  Much more time consuming but she was happy just shopping and didn't need rides!  I also enjoyed shopping with her because I really like some of the clothes she picks out.  I enjoy how very different they are in their personalities and styles.  When it was lunchtime Sydney picked Noodles &  Company, I am pretty sure she could eat there every day.
I must admit it was really fun for me to be the "fun Mom" to take them school shopping.  At times I feel  like I have to take on the "Mean Mom" role while Steve gets the rap as the "Disney Dad."  I am more of the parent that has to nag about the glob of toothpaste in the sink and whine about the excessive shoes by the door parent and Steve always seems to come across as the chill parent that is so fun and doesn't sweat the small stuff.  (I am not bitter;)  So it was a nice change to be laid back, fun and take it all in.  I will now forever do school shopping this way, it is worth any extra effort.  If you are wondering about Miss Gabby, she has a ton of time alone with Mom and we will be doing her shopping before her school starts.

As our tradition continues, Steve took the ladies out for sneaker shopping and they did a great job as usual.  He has taken them school shoe shopping for the last several years and it works out great.  This is what they settled on.  How many Dads take on this task?!  I am impressed.
Of course they stopped for treats dad!!!! ha.

One day we met Steve for lunch by his office, this was a treat for the girls but really it was a treat for me!
 He had been telling me about this place for months and wanted me to have their lobster roll.  I was not disappointed.
 the girls also enjoyed their lunches.

 then we hit the awesome library next door to his office.

 the library always makes us happy.

Back to school is never complete without haircuts!

 one little person had more than just a haircut.  I may or may not let Tess take control of her hair, I may or may not be very good about making her comb through her thick head of goldilocks as much as I should.  I may or may not have bigger fish to fry and really don't make it my focus.  Well......see this 13 or so year old stylist in the photo below?  I am pretty sure that look on her face says this....."Wow, that pregnant mother of 3 should not be having a 4th because she doesn't even make sure her middle child brushes her hair thoroughly and now she has dreadlocks!"  Yep, she pretty much did have dreadlocks in the underside of her hair and this young whipper snapper of a stylist was judging me.  Yes, she was judging me.
Look at Tess's face, her face says, "Wow, Great Clips actually got a head of hair wet!  My hair must be bad!" 
 I don't have a photo of my face but if I did, the face would look like this, "Wow.  Don't judge me, it is just hair.  Shoulders not fitting after a head delivering in childbirth is a big deal, a 7 year old with major snarls in hair, now this is a not a big deal.  Stop judging me."  So humbling as it was, haircuts were all completed before school started.

The 5 of us really had a lot of fun in our last few weeks, it was sad to see them be over.  I must sign off now and save our Great Minnesota Get Together for another night!  Have a great weekend!

Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

So great Gina! I just took Owen shopping and I agree, it was nice to be the fun parent for once. Lol. Not the nagging mom but the one who had my undivided attention for a little while. :) one who bought him an ice-ee and noodles for lunch. (He and sydney have something in common) i wont mention they screwed up his order and put parmesan on it so he barely ate it. Ha. Picky boy! Anyways, so glad you got quality time with each of your girls! And tess's hair made me laugh. I do recall using no more tangles back in the day quite often :)