Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Camp

Early in the spring the 3 girls bring home many pamphlets and requests for the camps that they want to do for the summer.  We look through them and then we all decide which ones we are going to do.  (Tess would probably do them all if we agreed to it.)  Some camps turn out to be a ball and some times we don't like them so well.  We are all finished with camps for the summer and overall they went well.

Soccer Camp:

Sydney and Tess took a soccer camp together just down the street from our house and it was a hit.  If I must say, I did pat myself on the back for helping pick a good one.  

I took these photos after the hottest day of camp and I am pretty sure Syd wanted to punch me for making them stay longer to take some photos.  (You can see she looks thrilled on the photos.)

Vacation Bible School:
Tess and Gabby went to Vacation Bible School this year and as usual it was a hit!  Unfortunately I took one photo and it isn't a good one.  But here it is!  Gabby didn't throw any tantrums like last year's award winning display so everyone was happy.  She was happy to have her cousin Alex with her.  Syd missed out this year as she had a camp with her Girl Scout troop.  

Girl Scout Camp:
This year was Sydney's first overnight camp and I was really proud of her for going.  She went with several girls from her troop and really had a good time.  It was hard for me to leave her there and made me a little  (in my crazy Mom sort of way) sad.  
She settled in before we left her her right away.  In typical Sydney fashion she made sure she was organized immediately.  
 After she was settled she gave us a quick goodbye kiss and sent us on our way.
I could barely look back to take this photo.
We missed her like crazy (or at least I did) and she returned as a happy girl.  She had a great time but was ready to come home.  We were ready to have her home.  We gave her some spending money for her camp and she brought home a present for both of her sisters.  This made me smile.  

Camp Icaghowan for the well adjusted middle child:
 this little girl was so excited she couldn't even stand it.
 she was immediately comfortable
I honestly didn't worry about her at all, she is so confident and carefree.
 Her big sister came along for the drop off, I think this made them both feel good.
 when she returned home she had so many good things to say...except that it wasn't long enough!  I think an overnight camp is pretty impressive for a 7 year old.
 She also brought home gifts for her sisters.  We were so proud of the 2 of them on the first year of overnight camps out of town and one out of state!

Camp Kici Yapi:
Every child I know seems to love this camp but.....As I said, "You win a few and you lose a few."  This is the only time I caught Sydney smiling for this camp was when she got off of the bus on the final day!  Lets just say she hated it.  It was a little more painful for me to make her go every day and one day I softened up and wanted to let her stay home but Steve is not so soft and he made her go.  (He was actually right, we really don't want to teach her to be a quitter.)  But hey, I am a softy and if you show me the tears I really can't help myself.  We struck out on   1 out of 5 camps....not bad if you ask me!

Have a good night.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Overnight camps! *tear* Of-course they did great.
I can't believe summer is almost over. Bittersweet.