Sunday, September 01, 2013

We Never Finish Out Summer Without the State Fair!

We never miss the state fair and this year was no different.  Our days filled up quickly so unfortunately this year we had to do late afternoon, into the evening.  We had a great time but I still prefer an early start.  We were still able to catch a lot of our favorite things, such as:
food...and lots of it


dairy love

 scary characters
 the sing-along

the sun  setting!

 last but not least,
Sweet Martha's Cookies
by the end I looked like an elderly woman grabbing every bench in sight, praying that the crew that brought me would let me go home.  (And would give it up trying to win one of those enormous, hard stuffed animals.)
It was fun but exhausting.

Summer of 2013, you were perfect but gone in the blink of an eye.  We enjoyed you to the fullest.

Welcome September (hello to my birthday month!)
Enjoy your labor day, I know I will.

Love, Gina

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