Monday, October 21, 2013

family time

we have been running all over the last few weeks doing a lot of fun family things, wishing there were more weekends to work with!  i have taken a million photos and have been trying to weed through a few of my favorites.

we started out heading to central mn to celebrate with Steve's side of the family.

we celebrated a wedding shower for tom and calliena and also a birthday bash for great grandma v.  

then uncle gary took us on a garden tour, we all loved that

after the garden tour steve took us on a tour of his old stomping grounds, we visited his old farm, the church and cemetery 

and we couldn't forget the padua pub!

the girls and i loved hearing stories from steve and seeing so many things that meant so much to him.  we may live in the city but we love the small town.
the following weekend it was time for our annual family fun run at the capital

the weather wasn't very nice but we still had a great time as a family.
syd and tess fought about who got to run with daddy and who had to run with their slow, preggers mom and tess won.
syd still admittedly had fun!

after the fun run we hit our school's book fair and then it was time for some lucan fun in my old stomping grounds

but first we had to make a stop along the way

 a patient brought these homemade pies into the nurses once and I haven't been able to get them out of my pregnant head and drug family to this cute little place.  (look at the cute little grandpa that bakes and sells the pies.)
 this place also sold a lot of candy so everyone was happy.

after our stop it was time for a visit to grandpa & grandma's, joe and lorna's and to play with cousins. 

while we were there we made our annual trip to holmberg orchard.  
the weather wasn't very cooperative but the girls didn't seem to mind! 

we also made a trip out to dad's awesome garden and took back a lot of goodies.  

our weekends have been filled with so many fun family things, i love this time of year and don't want it to end.

have a great week.
love, gina

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stacey said...

I don't want this time of year to end, either! Love seeing all the smiles in your family photos. You are always so wonderful about doing such fun things with your crew. xo