Friday, October 04, 2013

September Highlights

September may have flew by as fast as the rest of the summer and here are a few highlights, the good, the sad and all the in between.

Exterior house project complete!

There was a final push and Steve invited our brother-in-law and a friend over and they worked hard to replace the dead grass and lay the sod.
they also had some extra help as I was working and kids always make projects go faster!
they occupied themselves as much as possible.

and enjoyed some cousin and friend time
but a little of the play became a little rough for one of the guinea pigs....and she ended up in this box....for good.
pancake took a final toss by Gabby and appeared to break her neck and then within an hour pumpkin died of a broken heart.  Very sad.  Don't get me wrong, I was hoping they would pass away before January but not in this manner.  Not to mention, I felt pretty sad watching the girls so very sad the weekend it happened.  There was a burial ceremony and now they can be visited behind our garage.

But on to more positive things:

Last fall our house exterior looked like this......

and after the final push, by the end of the sodding weekend, our house looked like this.....


we are so incredibly excited that after a lot of hard work by our contractors and my talented husband, the project is finished!!!!!!  Yippee!!!!  A "nesters" dream!

We were excited to get the final jobs of the project buttoned up by the time I co-hosted a baby shower for this special lady.  (It is also prime porch weather so we wanted to sit down and enjoy our porch.)
The last day of the month was celebrated in my favorite way....

my birthday!
everyone made my day so special, cards, texts, phone calls and mochas from special people in my life.  I enjoyed dinner with my family at Pizzeria Lola, not far from our house.  The girls were really good and I didn't even regret inviting them:)
a very sweet former patient of mine brought these delicious treats in for me/us
when the day ended the girls and Steve had made me a crown and brought home my favorite pie.
it really was a day of everyone making me feel special.  I am so very thankful.

have a great weekend.
love, Gina

p.s. please remember our dear friend erin in your prayers.  follow her caringbridge site 


Maura said...

Hi Gina!
Just got all caught up on your blog, your house looks beautiful, like an HGTV makeover! Congrats on 1000 posts as well. Your baby bump is gorgeous, glad you are enjoying that sweet spot of pregnancy. All your girls look so happy. I miss you! xoxo

stacey said...

Always love your updates.
And your house! Wow. Love the before and after pics, it looks amazing!! You guys have worked hard and it has paid off. Love it.