Monday, October 21, 2013

some people really know how to make you feel special

my neighborhood has a book club and it is made up for wonderful ladies in all walks of life.  the ages range from 30's to 80's and I love it.  lets be honest, i rarely get the book read but really enjoy the camaraderie of other "surviving" women.  last night we all gathered and they showered me with fun things for this baby #4.  it was just so sweet.  some people really know how to make you feel special.
27 weeks came in a hurry and i really have a lot to do!

it looks like sweet b #4 will now be arriving the week of christmas (poor baby) not scheduled yet but quickly approaching.  dear time, please slow down.

have a great day.
love, gina


love, the newton's said...

isn't it just the best feeling to be showered for the sweet one you're carrying? so much love before they are even out of the womb. and awwww! a christmas baby! i'm just so excited for you all! baby #3 should be here in the next week and a half, fingers crossed that our paths will cross at fairview. (i'll have mike call in when we are on our way to see if you're working, haha...and if not i'll make my nurses keep an eye out for you!) -carrie

stacey said...

You are too darn cute.

Maura said...

gina, your bump is adorable! love all your pictures, especially love the one of your grandma in the apron. miss you so much! xoxo