Friday, November 22, 2013

32 plus weeks and a lot of my transparent randomness

I am over 32 weeks and really am in the sunset of this 4th and probably final pregnancy I have a million random thoughts happy and sad and ready or not, I am going to share.
  • we set a date this week, this baby will probably be born on December 28th, unless he or she has other plans.
  • everyone will be on christmas break when i return home from the hospital….um, we didn't plan 4 children thinking they would all be home at the same time;)
  • i am still not "over this" yet and still do love being pregnant despite my exhaustion.
  • i know being the crazy person that i am, i will again "long" to be pregnant again once this is all over and our child is sleeping through the night.
  • so far this is what i have "ready"…..i bought a pack of diapers in my first trimester, i picked up our co-sleeper from my brother last week and oh yes, i do have breasts so i can feed.  so do you think for baby #4 we will call this "ready?"  
  • the girls tell me daily, "your stomach is getting really big mommy."
  • the girls rub my tummy several times a day, every day and i love it.  (no one will rub my feet though.)
  • i am told almost daily by random people, "you are starting to waddle" or "you have the pregnancy walk."  thank you captain obvious.
  • i am getting more emotional by the day, today i cried twice, neither time did i have a good reason.
  • i picked up the girls from school the other day and as tess approached me in the atrium i started to cry i was so happy to see her….can we say emotional?
  • nesting takes on a special kind of crazy for me, i painted my large bedroom and our bathroom in 2 days, 2 coats and trim.  i may have fallen off my bed standing to do a very important touch up.  luckily i did a crazy acrobatic maneuver, twisted around, landing on my padded bum and saved my belly/baby from the sharp metal radiator.  i have a good sized bruise to prove it.  i am so relieved that the baby now won't complain about the ugly old paint color in the bathroom and bedroom…..yes, officially crazy.  
  • tess thinks that her mom will be on a giant vacation from work during maternity leave….she may be surprised what this vacation has to offer.
  • tess asked me the other day what we should move out of her room so we can make room for the crib.  very cute.  
  • gabby seems to be coming around to this baby, at least for now!
  • sydney is counting my days left of work and i am too, kneeling to help someone else put on their mesh panties after delivering almost tips me over and i would like to hire someone to put my compression hose on me before my 12 hour shift.
  • i am pretty spent by the time we get kids to bed at night…but then again that held true before pregnancy as well.
  • when people say, "i hope its a boy." i try to be polite but secretly feel annoyed…what i want to say is, "really because i am 39 years old, my baby is almost 5, i have 3 awesome girls (that happen to adore their dad) and i feel pretty incredibly blessed to have this baby boy or girl!"  don't worry, i repress these bold feelings so as to not scare innocent people.
  • tess told me the other day, "you need to get some bigger shirts and bras mommy."  
  • with the 4th baby you still have the same "nesting urges" you just don't have the time to pull them off and it is so frustrating.  
  • pi's really are my favorite outfit.  would it be inappropriate for me to wear them to christmas eve service?
  • we need a van.
  • the 3 c's that make me so happy in this pregnancy are chocolate, coffee (mochas) and chipotle.
  • i am spending a night away (locally) with my bf next week and i am so excited i can hardly stand it.
  • we are no closer to a name than we were in may.
  • i really hope this baby likes to sleep, because i have really became accustomed to sleeping in the last 4+ years.
  • i still appreciate this pregnancy for the gift that it is.
have a great weekend!
love, gina


stacey said...

You are crazy with all the painting. And I feel like I need to give you a lecture about climbing on ladders at this stage of your pregnancy.
Love what Tess said about her room.
Love your three c's.
Love you and your cute bump. xo

AnaVolovsek said...

I love you. I miss you! Your posts make me feel happy. I'm so unbelievable thrilled for you, I can hardly stand it! Lets sneak in a 20 minute coffee chat sometime after this wee one joins us?! I know how crazy busy you are!

love, the newton's said...

hahaha, gina! you crack me up! love your shirt and yes, you do need a van. can't wait to see a post about your new little bundle, only about a month away, squeeeee!!!