Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a new girl in the family!

i now am realizing that i never posted an introduction to our newest member of the family!
miss lydia is now 3 weeks old!  she is adorable!  congrats to joe and lorna

last weekend was her baptism and she did great.  actually lets be honest, her mom did great, how on earth do you do a baptism at 3 weeks old?!?!  lets just say baptism won't be happening at our house within the first 3 weeks.  i have never felt that sane 3 weeks after a new baby.  i am sure the 4th will be different!  ha. 

unfortunately i took photos with their camera so i don't have any of my own except for the ones on my phone.  i don't have any photos of our family because gabby was terrible since it was past her bedtime and i really didn't need to document the scene.  i love it when this happens, you know all the witnesses were thinking, "wow, they should really have a 4th child"…..too late to change our mind now;)

have a great day!
love, gina

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