Tuesday, November 19, 2013

buddies for life

 as you probably know our family has season tickets to gopher football.  you may not know that syd and i are the fair weather fans, gabby gets to go when invited and tess and steve are the die hards.
 they love it!
 no matter how cold it is, they try to be there and they have so much fun together.
 and it is a pretty big deal if steve takes his camera out when i am not there to nag him to snap some photos!
 i love that they have this special bonding time and enjoy this time together so much.  the last game we had donated all of our tickets to a preschool fundraiser, but not to worry, steve located 2 new tickets so he and tess didn't have to miss the beloved game.

tess recently said to me, "i hope the new baby is a girl because i don't want to share daddy."  very sweet.  i heart her.

have a great night.
love, gina

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stacey said...

I adore this so much.
And thankfully Tess doesn't have to worry about a thing, boy or girl. Love just multiplies in your family and doesn't divide. She will never need to share her dad.