Saturday, November 02, 2013

hard to say goodbye

We have known for a long time that this day would come but selfishly it came too fast for the girls and I.  Today my Grandma moved off of the farm and into town.  I know it is best for her and she will be happy but I was really sad to say good bye to the farm, the memories and such a fun place to take the girls to visit.  I wasn't able to help with the move the but the girls and I went with my sister, Kate and Alex a few weeks ago to visit Grandma and to say goodbye to the farm.  I snapped a million photos but here are a few of my favorites.  

I still can't believe we won't be visiting there again.

we celebrated so many holidays and parties at this old farm house, 8 children and their families gathered here many times a year.

  The barn and old buildings have always been a source of fun and adventures.
we always enjoyed the gazebo and I have many memories of grandpa hugo in it.

At some point we could always find Grandma Phyllis by the kitchen sink in a crazy "apron" of sorts. 
the tire swing brought many generations of children great joy...I did take a ride in it on our last visit and am very glad we don't have any video footage of me making my way out of it.

 this little lady by far has always enjoyed the farm the most
 we also said our good byes to "Appleton" the farm cat

 Sibley will be missed the most of all of the animals.

 Tess would have taken Sibley home if we would have said the word.

 the bird's nests in the barn always intrigued the girls (and me too, such a nice version of "labor and delivery.")

I wish our farm girl trapped in the city could have kept this wonderful dog.

 a last walk through of the barn
 I wish I could have bought this farm for this girl alone!
a final group photo with grandma (note to self: pregnant women should not squat on a photo unless they like looking 30 lbs heavier than they already are.)

this photo is missing one little girl that can be found in the photo below having a temper tantrum refusing to be on the picture

There was really never going to be a "right time" that I was ready for Grandma to move off of the farm.  I know this is really the best thing for her as she ages and I will always cherish the memories I have there from my childhood and taking our children there as an adult myself.  I will still forever miss this farm.

Love, Gina

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