Sunday, November 10, 2013

our little free library

our neighborhood is full of little free libraries and we have been admiring them for years.  whenever the girls see them they go crazy.  so "we" decided to build one.  when i say "we" i mean i went online and registered and got the charter number and steve and the girls built it.  

they all worked together, each little girl had their hand in something
they used all scraps from other house projects that they had found in the garage minus the hinges and glass for the doors.
they worked many weekends and evenings on their masterpiece
and their creativity shined through everywhere.

they even made sure they photographed the process. (i am rubbing off on someone!)

it was a team effort by the 4 of them, lead by steve the talented woodworker

the stuccoing being one of my favorite touches.

for a long time our garage looked like this and we missed parking in it, i may have complained.

then the big day came.......

they finished!!!!!!!!
they were all so proud and they should have been.

last week the girls made adorable invitations for our neighborhood friends for the big
unveiling celebration
we had at least 20 guests for the big unveiling.
and i did some baking to go with our hot chocolate and beer so that i could feel like i did something for this whole great occasion.

people brought books and people continue to bring books and take books, we love watching the activity.
 i love it and what i love more is that the girls made it with their dad.  when i married steve i had dated him long enough that i knew he would be a great and kind husband.  but until you have children you have no idea what kind of father they are going to be.  this little free library is just one more indication in my life of what a great father that he is.  working with 3 small children to build something like this requires a great deal of patience, kindness, talent and time.  he continues to amaze me in the things that he takes on with the girls, without even thinking about it, despite a busy career and life.  i had no idea what kind of "father" i was marrying but clearly i struck gold.  i am so very thankful.
enjoy your sunday, i know we are.
love, gina

p.s. i need to dog ear this post for when i am 3 weeks after delivery, extremely sleep deprived and hormonal and don't even like the way steve breathes!  ha.


stacey said...

This is so so awesome. I adore it. I adore that Steve took this on with the girls and they did an amazing job. I can't wait to see it in person and exchange a book or two! :)
Your sweet words about your family made me tear up.
And as I was reading this Darin looked over and saw it and was also equally impressed. He even said we should do that with our kids. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't say that maybe he should finish the deck first?

Tracey said...

I love this idea!