Thursday, November 07, 2013

Wedding bells in the family

 Almost 2 weeks ago we had a wedding in the family and a good time was had by all!
Steve and Sydney were both in the wedding and I took very few photos, I was busy having a good time and now I regret I didn't take more photos.  So here are a series of not so great photos taken mostly with my phone and some are just very dark but I really wanted to make sure we had some memories posted of the big event!

 This little lady looked exceptionally beautiful!  When I first saw her, surprise, surprise, I started crying. She looked so grown up and beautiful.  I loved how excited she was to be asked to be a "junior bridesmaid"and I may or may not have had a hard time with the fact that she really didn't "need me" much.  How did she grow up so fast.  (Enough of my selfish commentary.)  She did great and I was really proud of her.
 We had VIP's in town from Colorado for the event
and cousin time was much enjoyed.
 and some uncle spoiling time

 and I had some time with some special ladies

 and our family was together for some celebrating....and some people celebrated more than others;)  Luckily over 12 years of marriage experience leads to more wisdom and the ability to "get up and go" the next day...especially when your wife is with child and there are 3 others to take care of.
 we snuck in a few family photos

 and I caught the bride and groom before the night was over.
 I used Gabby as an excuse and the bump and we cut out a little earlier...I thought so we could go to bed,
but then we reached the hotel room and this metal piece of equipment fell on Gabby's head and we spent some quality time with the hotel staff filling out an incident report.  All I really wanted to do was go to bed but I stayed up in my dress during the whole process because I didn't think they would take me seriously in my 3 sizes too small snowman pajamas.  
Gabby recovered just fine and our room was free so what a win-win.  Ha.  The weekend was fun and exhausting.  We enjoyed the time together and are happy for Tom and Calliena, may they enjoy the love affair of a lifetime.  

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Sydney looks so pretty and grown up. And you looked pretty beautiful yourself! Glowing. Always love your commentaries. They make me smile. And yay for a free hotel room! xoxo