Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

I have been getting so many nice, concerned emails and texts to see if we are okay because I haven't updated in so long or sent out a Christmas card.  We are all well, I just haven't had a spare moment to update the blog and we are doing a New Year's card this year so sweet b #4 can be on the photos and I am sure you will want to see my postpartum belly!  ha.  Lord knows what I am going to wear for the photo!  It may be the first family photos with me in a nursing tank and pi's.  I am sure you can't wait for that.  Since I haven't had time for an update I have decided to write a "keeping it real" Christmas letter  from the eyes of a hormonal, sleep deprived Mama.  Brace yourself, here it is, the good bad and the ugly.

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas from the sweet b family, in 1 more week we will be a family of 6!  We are all so excited!  Last year at this time I remember crying to Steve because I wasn't pregnant and wanted to be and now I am crying because I am so sleep deprived, hormonal and behind in Christmas prep and nesting!  My family is so lucky to live with me!  Everyone always feels sorry for the child that has an "around Christmas birthday," but really we should feel sorry for the Mom that was busy preparing for the holidays at almost term pregnant!  A stranger at the mall approached me last evening and said to me,   "You look miserable."  Really?  Really?  Do you really think that is a complimentary thing to say to anyone?  I refrained from responding, "You look like a jerk."  Being blessed with 4 pregnancies I have learned that there are really 2 very safe things to say to a pregnant woman:
1.You look great!
2.You are all baby!
Aside from these 2 things, you are taking your life into your own hands.  Lucky for that stranger, I had just had a snack so I didn't cut her.  Little did she know I had already cried twice during the day for very unnecessary reasons.  I have been waking up around 4am for the day so I am a little emotional….more so than usual.  I went to 3 school programs yesterday and I cried at my niece's program like I was at a funeral….wow.  Where do you hide crying at something like this?  You can't.  I blubbered for the world to see.  Some songs just make me a little too happy these days and I cry.  So basically this pretend Christmas letter is all about me…guess what, 6 more days about me!!!!!!  Sad isn't it?;)

In a nutshell here is the lowdown….
-the girls are great, they are happy, they finished with school as of today.  (This is good since their preggers Mama has pretty much been "done with school" for about a week or 2. Spelling test today, what spelling test…)
-the girls are so excited for Christmas and the baby.
-Steve is happy, wrapping up jury duty and catering to his whiny wife.
-the gifts aren't wrapped yet.
-my bag isn't packed yet.
-we have a boy going home outfit but not a girl outfit
-we have a boy name but no girl name (you know what this means.)
-I had my highlights done and my haircut today so that is really all in my eyes that really had to be done before delivery!
-I had an ultrasound this week that confirmed thinning of my old scar so now every time I have a contraction I panic/wonder if this will be the "last straw" and then I neurotically plan my ambulance ride in my head and how I would tell the EMT's what they needed to do and how they would hate me for it.
-I really would like to hire a personal assistant to come over and complete a few tasks for me, I am too slow.
-I have a million blog updates and photos but this whiny post will have to be it for tonight.

We are all well, happy, healthy and growing.
Have a great weekend!

love, gina


stacey said...

You look great. You ARE all baby. For real.
Love you and can't wait for Saturday. xo

Syd bieringer said...

Merry Christmas