Friday, December 27, 2013

'twas the night before delivery..

Twas the night before delivery of baby #4, not a creature was stirring except the mama who should be sleeping.  the big day is almost here and I am just one emotional lady.  #1,2,3 or 4, it doesn't make it any easier, it is a still scary.  All of the important things are done and the rest will eventually get done.  I have received so many nice messages and texts and am so thankful to everyone.  I am sorry I wasn't able to talk to many people today.  The day was busy with last minute tasks like test driving vans, washing onesies, helping barfing/sick children (see above photo for your answer of which child is sick….Tess.)  I can't believe tomorrow is the big day and I wish I had one more day but I would bet as a mother of 3 I would always like "one more day."  I now realize that I was very blessed never delivering on my scheduled day before because it has been hard on my heart worrying about tomorrow.  I trust God and know that I/we will be taken care of but then there is the labor and delivery nurse that worries about the freak/tragic things I have witnessed in my career and prays that everything will go as smooth as possible.  Ignorance would be bliss about now.  Before I crawled in bed I checked on all 3 girls and kissed them all one last time, I knew I shouldn't risk kissing them at 5am before I leave home and waking them.  I would love to see them one last time but I am pretty sure my parents don't want to be up with them at 5am.  I regret I didn't have a chance to write in their "Mommy Journals" to tell them one last time before surgery how very much I love them.  If something happened to me I want them to have no doubt in their mind how complete they have made my life and how much I love them.  And for my husband, may he always know how much I love him and that I have always believed that he is the mentally strongest person I have ever known…a perfect match for this crazy lady!  And the list could go on and on, my parents, my sissy and brother and all of my friends, I am so blessed.  And no one wants me to go on and on anymore, and my face has become puffy enough this week so Lord knows we don't need anymore tears….it will only make me look bad in the photos.  So long story long, we are meeting our baby tomorrow and I am so excited!  Sad, sad to have the pregnancy be over, everyone knows I love being pregnant, but so excited for all of us to hold this baby. Please say a prayer for us.

love, gina

ps. this baby doesn't have a name if it is a girl, guess the gender and weight in the comments…i have gained 26 pounds and am pretty sure most of it moved to my face in the last week… chocolate, chipotle and coffee diet kept my belly, boobs and butt growing steadily.  I am going on and on and really should get some sleep.


Danyell Skillman said...

Best wishes today!!!! Can't wait to hear of your new blessing!!!

Danyell and crew

Adrienne said...

Hoping it was a smooth and safe delivery for you all! We look forward to meeting your new little one!

love, the newton's said...

you're glowing in this pic! sad i can't say the same for tess. :( i can't wait to hear the news of baby #4! i would guess you're delivering at fairview southdale, so you know you're in the best hands possible! sending so much love your way...


Mary said...
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stacey said...

A few things:
I love this photo.
Are you wearing your TEDS the night before you deliver??
26 pounds is nothing.
Your girls have no doubt in their minds how much you love them. did it! Love you.