Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 Wrap Up

2013 was over in a flash and I still had some photos to post…basically Thanksgiving until December 28th!  I probably should just let them go but here they are!!!!!!  My goal was to post them before January was over and here they are!!!!!  Apparently I was too busy nesting to keep up with the blog.  

My parents hosted Thanksgiving and we had a great time!  They did such a great job and it always fun to help someone else that is hosting, instead of hosting yourself!  

Tree Decorating
We stuck with our usual tradition and picked up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  

we like to create a scene wherever we go and I can't imagine how much we will with 4 children!  

the girls enjoyed decorating the tree

and they did a great job.

I think it turned out beautifully.
Sleepover with my BF
Steve and I snuck away for a night at the Radisson Blu in town before baby #4 arrived.  We did a majority of our Christmas shopping together, hung out 
and of course ate good snacks together.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait until we can do it again.

A Fun Sprinkle: 
My friends from work were so sweet and threw me a little sprinkle for baby #4, it was so nice and unnecessary for baby #4 but I really enjoyed it.  Thank you!!!

Another Incident Report:
I had a few "quick returns" to do with the girls at the mall and my quick trip became a long trip when Gabby's pants got caught in an escalator.  At 36 weeks pregnant I wasn't able to help her break free from the escalator and luckily a good samaritan was able to tear her loose before we all fell like dominos…quite a scene.  Gabby's 2nd incident report in a matter of a few months!

Holiday Performances:
All three girls had fun performances to go to in December.  Sydney's class sang at the IDS tower, it was really neat and she even enjoyed it.  

Gabby's class had a cute little sing along.  Her last as a preschooler!!!

Tess's class performed an adorable play and she also made us proud.

Holiday Baking: 
We did our favorite holiday baking again this year.  It is fun to see how independent they have become in the kitchen.  I am sure it will be interesting next year with Cece's help!

Christmas Eve:
We spent Christmas eve alone as a family, we went to church service and then had a nice dinner together.

then we opened some gifts

we had such a nice time together.

Then we hung out with special family on Christmas Day…everyone was worn out!
but we still had a lot of fun.

We had a lot of celebrating to do before this package was opened.
Cousin time is always fun.
and we celebrated a special Christmas birthday!

After the celebrations were over, it was time for our final nesting days.
Steve and I took an ice cream break from nesting while my sister took the girls overnight.  

then on our final night before Cece was born, we had a little photo shoot.

Hard to believe January is almost over.  We have had a busy month….very little sleep!  I am sure you are going to get sick of my complaining.  2013 was a wonderful blessing, we prayed hard for little Miss Cece and had a ball anticipating her arrival, preparing for her and just being pregnant.  Going through our pregnancy with children that were old enough to understand was priceless and unforgettable.   Thank you God for 2013!

Love, Gina

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