Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cecelia Marian's Delivery Day

Hard to believe baby Cece is already 8 days old and I have only posted once!  Sad.  What on earth have I been doing?  I have a million photos and am not sure how to organize them so I will start with delivery day.  It is sappy and windy but I have a lot to share and so much more to be thankful for.  As you know from my December 27th posting I was ridiculously nervous and pretty sure I was going to bleed out and leave my children without a Mother.  This nurse can work herself up about anything if she thinks too much.  I made myself sick with worry and all of my family and friends tried to talk me down from the ledge but it wasn't an easy task.  That night I slept about 4 hours total, again,  too much thinking.  When we arrived at the hospital I was greeted by my pre-op nurse Amanda and she took great care of me, she made me laugh and didn't give me a chance to be a freak.  When the anesthesiologist walked in to see me, it wasn't the person that told me she was going to do my spinal.  So I promptly worked myself up as she was around my age and I didn't think she could run a code like I had been envisioning it in my head.  She promptly scolded me for the gum I had in my mouth.  Yes, I knew better but I needed gum.  (I knew these people and I didn't want bad breath!)  She made me spit it out like I would my 4 year old and that was nice.  She left the room and then we had plenty to discuss.  After I was all prepped my circulating nurse arrived and my baby nurse.  Stacey was my circulating nurse for Gabby and I felt so happy and comfortable that she would be at Cece's delivery too.  Jessica was our baby nurse and took great care of Cece and Steve.  I gave Steve a kiss goodbye and started to cry so that everyone knew it was really the real me!:)  When I got back to the OR I was very anxious and that is how I stayed until Miss Cece arrived.  The combination of sleep deprivation, the knowledge of the possible dangers of  4th c-sections, being an OB nurse for 15 years and just my crazy personality made it difficult to relax.  When they put my spinal in Stacey held my hands and brought me the comfort that I really needed.  Truly a gift sent from God to me.   I realize this is what I do for a living but when it is you, it is a different story.  Then my Dr. Terri came back to the room and she was confident as usual and never ever seems rattled.  This was helpful.  Despite my preconceived notions, my anesthesiologist was great and I had a great spinal, my nurse anesthetist was wonderful and so sweet.  It is really neat to know most everyone in the room.  (Besides the fact that you are pretty much naked and they aren't….unfair.)  You kind of feel like you have a room full of cheerleaders or maybe witnesses to your ridiculous anxiety.  When Steve came back to the room, it felt so wonderful to feel his warm hand holding mine.  My buddy in this whole process and crazy idea to have a 4th:)  Besides being such a great support person, Stacey was a wonderful photographer for the delivery.  Sorry they may be a little graphic for the lay person but I think they are amazing so I am going to post them. Thank you for taking these wonderful photos Stacey.  If you can handle them, sit back and enjoy the show of her delivery.  Cece really is a true miracle.

 My last hour of being pregnant…sniff, sniff.  Oh how I loved being pregnant.

 My best friend by my side.
 The large window unveiled.
 My doctor opened my uterus with her finger, not a scalpel, my uterus was a single cell layer thick over the old scar.  Cece is a real miracle.
 Reaching in for Miss Cecelia
 Look at the size of her head!
 Look at all of that hair.

 Cork screwing her out.
 Sweet Cheeks

 She cried right away and it was the relief of my life.

 Calm after the storm!


 Banding as the official Dad.

 Handing her over to the best Dad any child could ever ask for.
 We finally meet!
 Love at first sight

 1st of many kisses

 Jessica our sweet baby nurse.
 Proud Daddy
 Hanging out with Mommy
 Admiring one beautiful girl with Stacey.
 Feeling so blessed.  Calling the girls with the news.
 My amazing team (unfortunately I didn't get a picture with my Dr.) black and white won't erase my multiple chins….can we say retaining fluid?!
 1st Bath
 It was an amazing day, I started out so very worried but as always, God took care of all of us.  We were given this beautiful little girl that we prayed so hard for.  I can't even put into words how thankful I am for the gift we were given, Miss Cecelia but also for my supportive husband that would walk through fire for me and the team that took care of us that day.  Everyone did their best to put me at ease and gave me the extra love that I really needed.  God has truly blessed us and I am so glad that Cecelia is safely here with us.  Stay tuned for more photos from that day.  Introducing the big sisters was so sweet.  For now I need to feed a little certain someone.

Have a great night.
Love, Gina


stacey said...

"What on earth have I been doing?" Oh Gina! You have been working on being an amazing mama to this little miracle as well as your three other sweet girls (who have had an extended winter break), having lots of visitors in your home, making multiple peds visits in the bitter cold, getting very little sleep, and recovering from major abdominal surgery. You have been very busy, friend. And doing a wonderful job at all of it.
I loved reading your play by play and seeing all the photos made me all teary eyed again. What a blessing for me to have been there. Love you.

love, the newton's said...

you crack me up. i'm sure you've just been sitting over there eating bonbons and not lifting a finger. (not!) cece is beautiful! i love all of the pictures, but especially her ta-da! pic...such a honey! jess was my labor nurse with connor, she is totally sweet. hope you're feeling as great as you can after having a baby come out of you. :) thinking about you guys and can't wait to see pics of cece with her sisters!!!

Danica said...

I'm crying :) I love that you had such a wonderful experience. That she is so perfectly perfect. That you are healthy. And MY GOD I miss you all and that sweet OR room and recovery room and Jessica and Stacey and Southdale. What an amazing Birthplace and what a wonderful post :)