Monday, January 20, 2014

Coming from other countries to meet Cece!

Little Cece is very blessed, she had visitors from Ireland!!!!!  Yes, Kelly and David even visited her before she was a week old.  We feel so lucky that they made the trip despite their busy holidays.  I can't imagine that visiting our circus was all that exciting, a lot of feeding, feeding, feeding, sleep deprived friends and kids all over!!!!!  Thank you!

Kelly even took me to the pediatrician for one of our million weight checks!

They also helped Steve celebrate his big birthday!

This photo is blurry but I needed to prove to everyone that I was out for dinner when I was 6 days post op….good wife wouldn't you say?  Ha.  It actually went well, I was skeptical with 4 children in tow.  Happy belated birthday honey.  Thanks Kelly and David.

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