Monday, January 20, 2014

Newborn bootcamp….the good, the bad and nothing but the truth.

 Miss Cece is just over 3 weeks old now and I finally caught up on her photos.  Posting photos galore but I haven't filled you in on the first 3 weeks, the good, the bad and at times ugly.
 Lets start like this, isn't she cute?  Wow I think she is so cute.  I love her so much, we love her so much and I know we are truly blessed.  I know that there are people in our lives that are so special to us that long to have a baby in their arms so I hope I don't sound insensitive when I am transparent about newborn bootcamp.  Here are the details of Cece's first few weeks.
  • She is so cute!!!!
  • We all hold her a majority of the time.
  • She sleeps a ton….when we can let her.  
  • She lost 15% of her weight when we brought her home.  (She was down to 5 pounds 9 ounces.) Not good.  They almost admitted her to the hospital.  This of course made me cry.
  • We go to the pediatrician roughly 2-3x per week for a weight check.  They sometimes make me cry too!!!  Ha.  
  • Cece doesn't feed very well and this can push a nurse almost over the edge, or actually any Mom with no sleep.  So our process goes like this.  We nurse with or without the SNS system (If you don't know what the SNS system is, google it, it will make you start immediately clipping formula coupons for this crazy Mom)  then we bottle EBM and then I pump.  This process is started over every 2-3 hours.  This leaves me time in between feedings to maybe go to the bathroom and maybe scratch my arm.  (Exaggerating a bit.)
  • Cece is a really good baby but the feeding part and not gaining weight has been really hard.  
  • I have now proven that baby #1,2,3 and #4 can all be hard for different reasons.  I will never be a pro.  
  • It really does take a village….my family, my friends and everyone has been bringing food, helping with the kids, listening to me in my sleep deprived whining.
  • I am sorry to all of the emails, texts and phone calls that I haven't had a chance to reply to.  Thank you to everyone for being so wonderful and supportive.  
  • I read this article and I felt like it was put in front of me for a reason.
  • I am so blessed to have such a wonderful spouse, wonderful family and friends to be the village I need during the busy time with a new roommate.  
  • I thank God for our 4 beautiful daughters.
  • I LOVE feeling this sweet little head nestled in, resting under my chin. 
Please pray for this pretty little lady to eat better and to gain the weight that she needs.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

I love your humor amidst all of this. You make me smile. Hang in there, mama. You are doing awesome.