Tuesday, January 14, 2014

our hospital stay…aka my mini vacation

I need to post some photos before I don't remember my mini vacation at all.  With all 4 babies at both hospitals I LOVED my hospital stay.  I know this is weird but I am just going to admit it.   What is not to love, people taking care of you and your cute baby, PJ's acceptable 24 hours a day, food that you order brought to your room and dishes taken away, adorable gifts to open,  pain meds and family and friends visiting without having to clean your house.  Bliss.  Except maybe the major abdominal surgery part and sleep deprivation.  We had a lot of company and I am sorry I didn't get photos of everyone but here are some of the photos we took.  

 keeping the girls entertained one afternoon

 team diaper changing

 I had several coffees delivered to me by dear friends while I was there…I guess people know me.

 possibly the last photo of me with Cece...

Have a good night.  Love, Gina

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stacey said...

I love the team diaper change photo. So many visitors and so much love for you and Cece.
I will never forget my hospital stay with Eli. I hardly remember it with Evie, but with Eli I remember cherishing every minute before heading back home, as weird as that sounds. I'm sure with #4 it really is a mini vacation (with Percocet instead of alcohol). ;)