Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our last days at the hospital

Cece is now over 2.5 weeks old and I am just getting to blogging up to her 3rd day.  Not bad!  Ha.  As I said before, I loved my hospital stay as I did with the other 3 girls.  Everyone was wonderful and I wish I would have taken photos of everyone that took care of us.  Everyone was so good to us and made us feel so special.  We had a ton of company and very little sleep…so basically the same as at home, no sleep. 
 well, someone slept.
 and everyone doted on this one.

 a big scratch under big sister's eye makes her look like a tough girl.
 again, she sleeps….no wonder she gains so slowly!

our 2 babies!
special visitors

 preparing for discharge
 getting her all decked out in ruffles.

 so pretty to go home
 Mommy and her ladies
 Daddy and his ladies

 I remember taking Gabby home and thinking, "Why do we have everyone here."    Well I guess I forgot about how it felt like such a circus…..poor Beth our discharge nurse….wow
 ready to go!
We did it!  We finally got out the door and the girls were so excited!   Have a great day.  Love, Gina

P.S. My hospital stay was $16060.26….Thank you health insurance!


stacey said...

The ones of Evie are so sweet.
And I love the one of you with your girls, you look so great! And the family ones. So wonderful that you got those before you left.

love, the newtons said...

brenda! she was my day nurse with ella and she was the best. i would literally cry when i would see her in the mornings because i was so happy to see her! haha :)

Jason Hayes said...

Your daughter is pretty adorable! I can only imagine how happy you are now that she’s there with you, and that you were able to take her home after two and half weeks of stay at the hospital; not to mention the insurance coverage, which probably was a big help. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Gina. All the best to you and your family!

Jason Hayes @ DECO Recovery Management