Monday, January 20, 2014

Photos Galore

 Things have been very busy since our new roommate came along but I have tried to be really good about taking photos.  Taking photos of the girls still remains one of my favorite things to do.


As you can see our new roommate does not lack attention, she is pretty much held 24 hours a day and the girls fight over who gets to hold her next.  The novelty has not wore off with their new little dolly!  I hope it never does!  We love these 4 ladies.  Love, Gina


love, the newtons said...

cece looks a lot like tess to me! she's beautiful, gina!

Jennifer Killion said...

I don't know how you find time to catch everyone up on everything, but I sure do look forward to hearing about it all! You really are supermom! I'll keep you and Cece in my prayers in hopes that she will feed better soon. Love from Boston <3 -Jen
PS Susan and I really want to make a trip out to see you guys!!