Saturday, January 11, 2014

Proud Sisters and Special Visitors

As soon as I moved out of recovery the visitors started coming.  I am sorry to the people that we didn't get photos of.  We had a lull of company of about 5 minutes.  It was fun to show Miss Cece off and my favorite part was her meeting her proud big sisters.  It was love at first sight.  

So many fun things for Cece and even special homemade things by special people.  

Cece's 1st day was very eventful with so many special visitors.  I am sorry I didn't get photos of everyone and that it took me two weeks to post these!  Have a great day!  Love, Gina


Naomi said...

Great photos! How are you even finding time to blog?! You are supermom. :)

Maura said...

Gina!!! LOVE all your pictures! Cece is gorgeous, and so are you, you are glowing in all the pictures, you look so glam! SO happy for you, enjoy that little love muffin. I'll never forget when Syd and Tess were born in Boston, you make such beautiful babies.