Friday, February 28, 2014

2 months old!

Today the little Missy is 2 months old!  Can you believe it?  We did a little photo shoot today and due to my amateur status, we attempted it after her 2 month shots….okay, very dumb…she almost cracked a smile in 1 out of 60 photos.  But the realistic person in me knows that if I try it later today, it won't get done.  More kids at home = less non-necessary tasks get completed.  So we will settle for these and try for better ones at 3 months.  Lets be honest, I would have never had time to get the photos taken this morning before her 0930 pediatric appointment.  Let's focus on the positive…she weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces!!!!!!!  She is officially back on the growth curve!  2nd percentile for weight.  Woot, woot!  Her pediatrician asked me what I have been doing and I responded modestly, "A lot!"  Ha.  A lot is working so it is paying off.
But she is so cute we will move mountains for her.
 The laundry basket shot was a foolish one to start doing because guess what…every time I have to dump out a bunch of clothes to use it, guaranteed!
 She was over the photo shoot before it started.
But a small almost smile with the bear.  We will take the "almost smile" after her morning "behavior."  The hospital spelled her name wrong so we needed to go to the social security office to get this corrected.  This only took me 2 months to attempt to get this done.  We waited in line with hundreds of people, we had a seat but very close to everyone. Cece started out sleeping, she was tired after her shots.  Then she woke up.  She woke up and was hungry but refused to eat and proceeded to pitch a very healthy fit.  The kind of fit where everyone that has nothing better to do enjoys watching  ( might I remind you while waiting in line no one else had anything better to do but watch this screaming baby.)  Lets just say, I have 4 kids, a little crying doesn't bother me but crazy screaming with a captive audience and 37 numbers still ahead of mine, that bothers me.  So I did what I needed to do, I put her back in the car seat, forfeited my precious place in line and headed home.  Yes Cecelia, thank you for reminding me who is the boss!  Ha.

Happy Friday.
Love, Gina

P.S. Cece is still 2 ounces less than Tess's birth weight!


Mandy & Brian said...

she is so incredibly adorable and sweet! Yeah to the weight gain!! Way to go mom!

Danica said...

That first photo! So adorable! Is that a little poufy belly I see there? Yay for gaining!

stacey said...

So so cute.