Wednesday, February 19, 2014

i slept with the light on

yesterday was a day….we woke up at 4am to hear, "daddy, i threw up in my bed!"  gabby had thrown up and there was a big mess.  I quickly busied myself with feeding cece and steve did the honors of clean up.  (thanks honey.)  we went back to sleep for a little bit and i woke up with an eye infection and a bad cold (i was a vision of beauty)  but we moved on.  we had a nice little birthday breakfast with syd.  (gabby skipped breakfast)  steve doesn't travel anymore but had special circumstances and was traveling last night.  the older girls left for school and sicky and i were home for the day with a cluster feeder and a whole lot of barfy laundry.  gabby threw up several more times but then felt better.  after dinner cece proceeded to have her witching hour during homework, it was great…especially being a single parent.  the older girls were awesome and helpful as usual but i was spent by the time i had everyone to bed by 9.  since steve was out of town and cece and i had the room to ourselves i slept with the light on dim so it was easier during the night with feedings.  because the light was on, every time i woke up during the night and gazed at cece i could see how beautiful she is and it reminded me to be thankful.  even after a crazy day, i was so thankful for everything.   we survived… life isn't that hard.  i am blessed.

have a good day.
love, gina

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Danica said...

Oh Gina. Sorry I only vented to you yesterday and didn't allow you a moment to voice what was going on with you. Is is awful that it's always nice to know I'm not the only nutso on the planet? Let me clairfy that by saying... you kick ass. Multi tasking ass.
Love you :)