Thursday, February 20, 2014

random happy thoughts

yesterday's blog post was littered with whining and no one really wants to hear that but i leave people no choice today i will cut the whining and post happy thoughts.
  • yesterday cece weighed in at 7-14...she gained 10oz since friday!  yippee!
  • steve is back in town.
  • tess thanks me almost once a day for having cece.  
  • i may be acclimating to the chaos.  
  • on monday i took all 4 girls to the pool and i even swam too....sounds minor but this was a big deal to me.  luckily cece slept the whole time which made this a success.  (work with me people, i am still getting used to managing all 4 at activities and planning around feedings.)
  • we had 2 warm days in a row.
  • no one is throwing up at our house.  
  • 2 days ago i asked tess, "why is cece not gaining much weight?"  she sweetly responded, "we just have to pray."  
  • tess found her boot (she came home with only one on tuesday….don't ask.)
  • marta from metro peds walks on water as far as i am concerned.
  • people have given or sent so many sweet gifts, food, treats or mochas for me/us.  thank you!
have a great day!
love, gina

1 comment:

stacey said...

Did not see the last post as whining AT ALL. Reality. Real life. You being real. And not whining.
You are doing amazing. Swimming 6 weeks postpartum?? With four children?? Amazing.
Love you.