Thursday, February 13, 2014

the new norm

today was my 6 week postpartum check up….the day I am reminded that we are 6 weeks out and we still live in chaos!  but as a wise friend told me, we work so hard to get back to "baseline" when really we need to focus on our new "baseline."  our new baseline is quite a trip!

a few things that I observed that are part of our "new norm."

  • if I try to run "one more errand" there is a guarantee the drive home will involve a screaming baby.
  • a daily shower is so overrated.
  • i sometimes look at cece and i and realize that we are both in the same clothes from yesterday.
  • in the morning our bedroom looks like a bomb went off, a bomb containing: dirty diapers, nursing pads, burp cloths, pacifiers, blankets and anything else we tried to use during the night…in the middle of all this is a sleeping baby, a sleeping baby that is right smack dab in the middle of our full size bed.  
  • big sisters offering left and right to help with baby sister.
  • unwritten thank you notes.
  • unsent birth announcements/new years/4th of july cards….whatever they might end up being if someone finds the time to address them.
  • unreturned phone calls.
  • unreturned texts.
  • unreturned emails.
  • a mountain of unfolded clean clothes on the laundry room counter and a mountain of dirty clothes on the laundry room floor.  
  • if an outing requires me to wear something other than pajama pants or yoga pants….i don't want to go.
  • i need my mocha more than ever….and I wish there was a drive thru close.
  • sydney is still our time keeper and other mother
  • dust bunnies are part of the family.
  • even if it is written down….i will forget about it.  
  • the hair dryer and curling iron could be packed away with the christmas decorations…bring on the pony tail.
  • a little bit of stuff sitting, everywhere! (bye, bye tidy house!)
  • it takes a village and the village has been wonderful!
  • can't we be "off" of homework for maternity leave too?!?
  • can't we be "off" of the mortgage for maternity leave too?!?
  • every activity requires the moby wrap or hot sling if it lasts more than 5 minutes and cece can't be latched on.  
  • cece likes to be latched on 95% of the time.  
  • cece likes to be held 100% of the time…but then again, who doesn't?
  • shovel..i haven't picked one up this season yet (thanks honey and can i please use the "post-op" excuse the rest of the winter?)
  • when strangers see us in public with 4 girls, i brace myself for the unsolicited response….see great article.  
  • how great is 4 girls!
Our new norm involves this beautiful girl so we will take it!  
love, gina


Naomi said...

This sounds all too familiar. :) you are awesome, mama! Hugs and cheers to same sex siblings!

Danica said...

Sounds chaotic and fun! And bonkers and fun! Hoping to make a trip in the next few weeks. I will definitely be stopping in for a baby snuggle and to cry with you because I MISS YOU AND MINNESOTA.

stacey said...

I think you're pretty amazing.

Sarah said...

Your new baseline sounds perfect. Four little girls with parents who love them to pieces. What else matters?