Tuesday, February 18, 2014

you are 10 today

our dear sydney, i can't believe that you are 10 today.  but then again you have seemed like an adult almost since the day you were born.  i remember your delivery day like it was yesterday.  my water broke and I said, "Already?"  I could have stayed pregnant longer even though I was 39 weeks pregnant.  I crawled around the house on my hands and knees for many hours in labor before we decided to go into the hospital.  on the way we stopped at dunkin donuts for the nurses...while I waited in the car in labor i decided that was a bad idea but it was too late.  then we made it to the hospital where i was greeted by my friends. dear auntie sue took care of us.   from the minute i went on the monitor your heart tones looked bad.....the nurse curse.  a couple of hours later they decided you needed to come out asap.  i cried on the way back to the o.r.   disappointed that i had to have a c-section.  but when i heard your first cry that was all forgotten.  what a wonderful day.  you mean the world to us and i am so proud to be your mom.

love you,

ps. happy birthday to 2 other very special people, my auntie vicki and my friend danica.


stacey said...

Happy Birthday Syd!! xoxoxo

Danica said...

So sweet for the shout out :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY! I love when moms relive their birth story on birthdays. Birthdays really should be for the moms :)