Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life with 4 children and other crazy ideas I have had.

I have stepped a way from the blog a few days to eat bon bons and enjoy the sunshine.  Ha.  But actually we did go away to a large cabin with our family, my parents and siblings and their small children.  I brought my camera half charged and didn't bring the charger so I have photos on my camera and haven't had a minute for the charger and the camera to be reunited so I can download the photos I took.   The last few days I took pictures on my sister in laws camera and she also has 4 children, one which is a baby so I will probably see those photos in 5 years or so... long story long, I will post those photos later.  For now I will rant about our day to day and the funny or rude things my children say.   We had a great time together and laughed a lot.

The week has been busy and is flying by.  At the beginning of the week I was helping Syd with homework and she was whining about doing homework and she said to me, "You are so lucky you are on maternity leave and don't have to do anything!"
Yes my child, you are right....I have done nothing since December 28th......In the world of a 10 year old, I am doing nothing.  But lets focus on what I have done and the frogs I have swallowed in the last week.  (Things I have been putting off for a long time.)

I kept this little girl happy and fed.  One day she was crying and I said to Gabby, "I wish she would stop crying."  Gabby responded in all seriousness, "If you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true."  Very cute.  Too bad it was daytime and there weren't any stars out!

I tried to keep all of these girls all happy and fed.
This guy is pretty good about keeping himself happy and fed.

Accomplishment #1 I took the van in to get the mud flap fixed that has been loose since probably Cece's 2nd week of life! Oh yes, did I tell you we bought a van???? Our beautiful van came to live with us when I was still in the hospital with Cece and we have been loving her to pieces.  I know those of you who are smug about refusing to drive a van think I am crazy but people work with me, we have 4 children, we need a van!!!!  Be as smug as you want, it has been so awesome, it may not be cool but it makes life with 4 children so much easier.  Try it, you will agree.  If you want to use the SUV argument, try it, we have a 7 passenger SUV too and I am here to tell you, our van is so much easier hands down.  There you have it, we avoided the van, now we have it and I love it.
Accomplishment #2 this week: returned to the social security office!!!!!!  A mere 2 weeks later I forced myself back there and got the job done, this time Gabby also came along so apparently I didn't learn my lesson!  We bolted out of the house as soon as Cece finished eating despite my appearance and lack of getting ready.  (Reminder: she eats every 2-3 hours.)  We started out going through the metal detector and I for some reason set it off repeatedly so I needed a thorough pat down.  He asked me to lift my pant legs up high, this revealed my white athletic socks with my dark danskos, and my hairy legs, very hot.  Then he asked me to unzip my coat, this revealed my nursing tank and sweatshirt that I had slept in.  Thank goodness he let me keep my hat on so I didn't have to reveal my hair that I can't remember when I washed last.  He then asked me if I had a belt on.  (Hello, I have a 2 month old, no need for a belt here, my pants stay up just fine!)  Apparently I looked like your typical suicide bomber with my 5 year old and 2 month old in tow.  After a brief 50 minute wait, we were called to the window.  I gave the lady Cece's documents and she wasn't sure if I had everything she needed.  I then warned her if I didn't I would probably cry.  She didn't bat an eye and replied, "Okay."  (Seriously, is there a more dull job than hers?!)  Then she finished up the paperwork and we were all set!  Social security card with the correct spelling is on its way!

Accomplishment #3 this week: I started Cece's memory calendar!  Pretty good before her 1st birthday wouldn't you say?
Okay, when I list these things it doesn't sound like much but I tackled some things I have been avoiding this week so I am proud.  Now I better get back to doing nothing because I am on maternity leave.

Have a good night.

Love, Gina

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