Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mocha love.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a mocha.  I love them even more since I had baby #4.  Several people gave me coffee gift cards as a gift after Miss Cece arrived.  What a great gift!  I need caffeine more than ever!  I used to be the "judgey-mc-judge a lot" about people who bought coffee when they were out when they could save a lot of money and make coffee at home.  Not anymore.  Yes, I make coffee at home but I have to tell you, there is just something about someone making a delicious coffee for you.  (Kind of like a salad is always better when someone else makes it for you.)  It is my pick me up, it is the buzz I need.  Not every day of the week, so I do appreciate it when I get it.  I have really cut back lately but ironically people have been helping me satisfy my vice.  Yesterday I was laying in bed with Cece latched on but essentially sleeping thinking, "I better get my butt up or this morning is going to go awful."  Then I got a text from my dear friend down the street.  It said, "Your mocha is waiting for you on the porch….HAPPY MONDAY!"  I was so happy and felt very loved.  This morning my sister dropped in with a mocha for me and made my morning.  (I think people might secretly be a little worried about me and how I am handling going back to work on Friday.)  Whatever the case, thank you for the love.

Have a great week.
Love, Gina

P.S. To the Newton family, I don't have your info to thank you for the thoughtful coffee gift card that you left me at work.  So, so sweet….As you can see from the above post, I loved it!

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stacey said...

So true about the coffee (and the salads!). xo