Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A baby in the house.

I am so behind on posting, I still have spring break, our last snow storm and Easter and the amount of photos is just too daunting so today I will post on having a baby in the house again.  Something I can easily write about and love to talk about.  She is wonderful, she is sweet, yes she is busy but we are so in love.  It is unbelievable to me that she is almost 4 months old.  She slept from 9 to 5 last night, what do you think of that?  I think I like it.  Lets talk about her little relationship with everyone in the family. First off, her favorite man in her life, her Daddy.  She always has a big smile for him and he always knows when he gets home from a long day that he needs to hold her in his arms.  Her biggest sister Sydney, enjoys being her other Mother, she holds her like she is her own daughter and loves to help her every chance she can.  Her and Tess frequently have arguments on "who gets to take her."  Miss Tess  probably is the most smitten by her and it makes me so proud.  Yesterday her and I were dressing Cece and she said to me, "It is so fun to have a baby."  This almost made me cry.  Gabby takes her turn when  her big sisters are gone and frequently tells me, "She smiled at me, she really likes me."  Lastly, me.  I can't kiss her enough.  With 10 blessed years of babies I have such a strong sense of the fleeting nature of "babyhood."  She leaves me feeling such a sense of well being and love.  Our household has changed dramatically since Cece came to live with us.  Probably for the better.  Our house now looks "lived in."  There is a burp cloth in most every room, a toy to trip on in many rooms, dishes and laundry always ready to be done but instead of focusing on this, we are all focusing on holding a baby.  Really what we are here for.  We won't be able to hold her forever, but we wish we could.  Baby #4 is better than we anticipated.  I am so thankful.

Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

Oh she is so sweet! Ive been really kind of sad lately with this gus growing up too fast thing...he will be 1 in june and his little baby self is quickly fading. Ahhh. As hard as babies are to care for at times, i just love my little baby. So sad to think there will never be another! Dramatic--i know. :) so happy for you! Hope to see you soon friend. Xo