Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breaking for Spring

Adding to the randomness of my posts I am going to finally post some of my photos from my phone from spring break!  We stayed in town for spring break and spent time doing fun things around town and loving our new baby.  We had a variety of weather but made the best of it.  

We hit a family favorite "Mill City Museum."  

 We played with this little lady.
 We went to our favorite bookstore twice.

 Daddy brought us bakery treats one morning and of course a mocha for me.
 We had a snowstorm
 and we enjoyed making a snowman.

We tried out a new place to eat in town.
 and we enjoyed more cuteness.
 We spent some time at our favorite Lake Harriet
 and Tess had some special time with special people enjoying her love of rocks.  

 They also had a special trip to the history center
 with what looks like a very fun performance!

our spring break was very eventful and lots of fun.

love, gina

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stacey said...

You always so such an awesome job of making spring break special and fun. Who needs a vacation? ;)