Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grandma Marian turns 90 and Colorado cousins come to town!

Our weekends of "summer" are already flying by.  All good things but no time to blog.  

Steve's Grandma Marian turned 90 a few weeks ago and we had a big day to celebrate her.  She is doing really well and impresses me so much.  
Miss Gabby decided to sport her very "natural" fake hair band for the occasion.  (Pick your battles)
The cousins had fun hanging out.
And the girls picked up right where they left off with Jack and Ellis.  I really love that.
The Aunties spoiling our baby.  Calliena is over her bump but I would take it for her….the pregnancy envy starts so soon for crazy people like myself!
We made sure Cece was held 24/7, just the way she likes it.
Look at this crew of cute kids.

And their parents.

Tom treated the children to some real fun after the party…boating!    One of the best parts of summer in Minnesota.
Oh how they loved it.
and I love watching them.
Life is always more fun with cousins.

Who doesn't love a baby in the sand?!
We returned from the Lake and I asked Tess, "Where is your flip flops and clothes?"  She responded, "On the picnic table by the lake."  You didn't notice your lack of clothing or shoes when you got in the van?!?  In her defense…I guess I didn't notice either.

A perfect ending to the weekend, treats at the Red Onion.
The weekends go to fast and time with our far away family is over before we blink.  I took a million photos but this is all I have time to go through right now.

Love, Gina

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