Thursday, June 12, 2014

I heart summer break!

The school year flew by in a flash.  It was busy, it was fun, crazy and so much work at times.  Let's just be honest, I was really over homework.  We are all ready for a break and our final week was a lot of fun for the kids…not sure how much they learned that week but they had fun;)

We had our traditional breakfast at the bus stop on the last day of school  
 And Sydney's class had a picnic.
 Sydney enjoyed showing off her sister
 and then we watched some outdoor games.
 the weather was perfect.
Tess's class had a picnic at the lake and she also enjoyed showing off her baby sister.

 In the evening we had friends over to watch a movie outside, bounced in a bounce house and celebrated the end of the school year.  It was the perfect ending to the school year.  Bring on summer, we have missed you!!!!!

Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

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