Monday, June 23, 2014

Take a step back

It is Monday morning after my weekend of work I am exhausted.  Some Mondays I wake up and can't see past my less than perfect, lived in house.  Some Mondays like today I chose to take a step back and appreciate what I really do have that is more important than a perfect house.  The things I need to appreciate more and not focus on what I don't have.

  • My husband,  he may not do everything exactly the way I would but wow, he does so great.  He takes care of all 4 girls with the greatest of ease and makes life so fun for them.  He loves me so much, he kissed me goodbye this morning as I was pumping and looking ultra unattractive and doesn't bat an eye.  He would walk through fire for the 5 of us.  I really did make a good choice in my life partner.  
  • The 4 beauties pictured above.  We walked into VBS this morning, all seeming oh so civilized (despite the truth) and I felt so proud.  
  • Our baby.  Yes, we added a whole new level of work by deciding to have a 4th but wow, she is really awesome and a baby in the house again has brought us all more joy than I ever imagined.  (I need to read this again when she is a teenager when I am old and tired!  Ha.) 
  • My sister.  I ran into her this morning in our small world and she bought me a coffee, I chatted with her by our vehicles and I loved our 2 minutes.  
  • The minivan.  Ok I am going to mention one material thing because oh my word, it has made my life so much easier.  I may sound like a lame old Mom but I am telling you, it is wonderful.  
I better get at my day but I needed a minute to focus on what I am thankful for right now. 
Have a great week.
Love, Gina 

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AnaVolovsek said...

You make me happy!
And appreciative!
And grateful!
And did I mention, happy?!!!