Thursday, June 19, 2014

We camped!

It is no secret, I am not a camper.  Confirmed once again, I am not a camper, but we camp.  Once a year we go with my Mom's side of the family and we camp.  I don't like to camp but I love this family weekend.  I love it for so many reasons.  Reasons in random order:

1.This little girl is in her element, outdoors, animals, dirty and all the things that she loves.  I love her because she loves all of this and this is exactly how I remember being in my childhood.  (Minus camouflage clothing.)
 2. Kids eating whatever they want, whenever they want and I feel like it is perfectly okay.  (Meals provided by the aunts and uncles…..thank you!  I love this part too.  It may take us hours to pack but it is worth it, when we get there, we are spoiled.
 3. Spoiling by the aunts and uncles.  Cece spent every minute being held and the girls spent every minute being doted on.
 4. I love her reaction to the disgusting parts of camping, for example the awful toilet facilities.
5. Cousin love, as I have said before, life is better with cousins.  
 6. Campfires and hanging out with grandma who is so spry.
 7. My brother, laughing with my brother.  Don't judge me but one of my favorite parts of camping is watching each others kids do really stupid things and laughing.  For example, Gabby didn't want to use the bathroom facilities on the first day because they are disgusting so she peed her pants instead…..interesting thought process.  Or another great example of the kids making me laugh, Joe's girls left their shoes outside of the tent all night in the thunderstorm and complained int he morning that their shoes were wet.  Not my monkey, not my circus = funny.
 8. Roasting marshmallows and hanging out with the kids.
 9. More spoiling.
 10. More laughing.
 11. This little girl being so good on her first camping trip.
 12. Cute nieces.
13. Just sitting, I never get to do that.  
 14. Kids playing.
 15. Snuggling.
 16. Relaxing.
 17. Junk food provided by great aunties.

 18. Shelter during the period of too much rain.   I didn't photograph when the nieces all joined me to pump in the dry van.
 19. Family bonding.
 20. Much needed hot chocolate provided by Clark.
 21. Cute kids with umbrellas.

 22. Evidence of a good time, cheese and chocolate around the mouth, hot chocolate all over the coat.
 23. Puddles that made me so happy we had rain boots.
 24. The view was beautiful even with the rain.
 25. The village helping the children.
 26. The baby mouse Tess fell in love with and showed me how big her heart really is when she cried because her "Mama mouse" was gone.
 27. The beef jerky contest.
 28. Time with my little loves.
 29. The whole crew

Stop judging as you look at the photo, we are professionals who hold jobs despite the fact that we may look like homeless people in this photo.  We had been roughing it for 2 days, this is how we are supposed to look!  

Even though I don't really like camping, every year we take this weekend and I look back and smile thinking about how blessed we are to have family that is so good to us, takes so much time to make the weekend fun and shows so much love to our girls.  We did it!  Tented with a 5 month old and her 3 sisters and fit all of our gear in the van!  Yippee!  Life is good.  Thank you to everyone!

Love, Gina

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Danica said...

Ah sitting - so glad you got to sit! And that picture of Gabby looking up at the camera might be one of my favorite photos ever. It screams "that kid is having an awesome childhood!"