Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What I am thinking about right now in all its randomness

  • I am very blessed.  
  • This time of year is full of fun activities for the girls and parents to join in and it quite frankly makes this working Mom of 4 very overwhelmed worrying about making it to everything and remembering everything.  
  • I am going to survive.  
  • I may need to homeschool my 4th child so that I can make it to her "activities."
  • I couldn't handle 4 children without a husband like Steve.
  • This is what my laundry room looks like right now….I am quite certain some of these clothes have never been worn but it is much easier for some to throw them in the hamper instead of hanging them back up.  (Mom, I am getting the payback I deserve.)

  • I wonder if our baby would roll over if we ever put her down?
  • Our baby is everyone's entertainment. (Note the cat ears she is wearing.)

  • I wish someone would come to my house and give me a much needed pedicure.
  • How am I going to keep Cece out of the sun today at Tess's class picnic while Tess is insistent on  carrying around her baby and showing her off?
  • Why do my collar bones stick out but my butt hangs out of my jeans when I bend over to help the children?   Pretty sure I grew Cece in my butt.
  • I am wearing flip flops around the house because I can't stand how my floors feel right now.  
  • I need to take a Dramamine when I think about packing up our family of 6 for the weekend away from home.  
  • I need to take a Dramamine when I think about doing all of the above pictured laundry in order to have us ready for leaving for the weekend.
  • I love my iced mocha my lovely sister dropped off for me this morning.  
  • This story made me lay my head on my husband's chest after the alarm went off this morning instead of rushing to start my day.  Life is precious.
  • I love sunny days.
  • Preparation for out of town guests used to entail me baking, meal planning, cleaning the house and buying a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Since Cece came to live with us it entails just being home and being showered.
  • Our girls are so excited for summer break.
  • My house smells like the cantaloupe that someone needs to cut but I have chosen to light a candle instead of cutting it right now.  It is all about choices.
  • A dad at Gabby's camp said to me this morning, "We have a baby about your baby's age but she is at home because it is her nap time."  I bit my tongue and kept from saying, "The car ride in the car seat is her nap time.  Just raising an adaptable child!"  (Keepin' it real.)
  • My nanny having health problems is sad for all of us (especially her) and anxiety invoking for me.  
  • I wish I didn't need to take time to sleep.
  • I am done pumping and should stop with the random thoughts now.  
Have a great day.
Love, Gina

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