Saturday, July 05, 2014

Kids Camp and Couples Camp

We are in full camp mode around here and I have been snapping a few photos of the girls.  Sydney and Tess did a soccer camp and really enjoyed it.  I love seeing all of the kids outside playing together.
Not sure why I always remember my camera on the hottest day after they are all finished to take the pictures.

they usually do it but there is always someone that wants to make trouble.

and then they fight, wow fighting drives me nuts.

but I was able to squeeze a fake smile out of her.

but it was a good camp and I like to pat myself on the back when I pick a good camp.  I also love a good camp that we can walk to!

Then for the one and only time all summer all 3 older girls had a camp together!  Bonus, with their cousins.  I loved it!  3 solid hours of hanging out with my baby, it was really nice.  Every day I had a very bad habit of getting myself an ice coffee after I dropped them off.  Please don't judge me people, it was coffee, it could be much worse, I didn't go back to the house and smoke weed every day, I sipped a lovely iced mocha on our porch.  The week went too fast.

The day I remembered my camera I happened to give Kate and Alex a ride. There are some pretty good stares when your 6 kids get out of the van.  As you can see in the photos Gabby realized that she had forgotten her water bottle that day.
she was a little disappointed
and her sister thinks it is fun to make fun of her pouting.

finally she couldn't' take it and she refused to be in the photo all together.

so I gave her a breather and took a picture of Kate and Alex who posed very nicely.
then I tried my family…..well, Gabby altogether refused because she couldn't get past the trauma of forgetting her water bottle.  (Water fountains don't suffice I guess.)  After Gabby's little fit I took them all in to there small groups and she pulled it all together.  As Cece and I were leaving Alex said to me, "I forgot my water bottle in the van."  Pretty funny as it never triggered his memory the whole time we stood outside and Gabby was pouting?!
VBS was a hit as usual and I enjoyed the week too.  One of the days I picked up the girls as they were singing their final group song in the auditorium and Tess came and grabbed Cece from me and danced with her to the music in the group.  What do you think I did?  Yes, you are right, bawled like they cut my arm off, it was so very sweet.  But I unfortunately had no place to hide my (as per usual) over emotional face.  It is hard to be an over-emotional-Mom in a world where people try to keep it together (or fake it as I like to believe) ….overrated.  

Couples Camp
Then last weekend Steve and I had a couples camp.  (I didn't snap any photos because we just really aren't that kind of couple.)  But if I did the photos would look well rested and happy.  We brought the girls to my parents for the weekend and we had a glorious time at a glorious place.  This place is called our home!  I know it sounds lame but we aren't alone in our home much and we really enjoyed it. We worked on some projects, threw away things the kids couldn't see us throw away, went out for breakfast, met friends for drinks and just really enjoyed each others company.  It was a nice reprieve and a fun weekend for us.  The girls also had a good time, thank you Mom and Dad!  After they returned home Sydney said to me innocently, "Grandma had Cece on a good schedule, she would nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon."  I laughed so hard, yep, Sydney also was on a "schedule" like that when she was a baby.  As a 4th child you catch your naps when you are in your carseat on the way to camps, tutors, play date drop offs and all of those things running around all of God's green earth for your siblings.  Thank you Cece, we owe you for being awesome and flexible.  

Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Your play by play about the water bottle cracked me up. And when I read your title I was like, couples camp?? Then it all came together. You guys deserved it. xo