Sunday, July 27, 2014

The easy life….

At the start of this vacation I am daydreaming about….

·      Sleeping until the girls wake us up
·      Lake time
·      Laughing with my husband
·      Laughing with my children
·      Bike rides into Nisswa
·      Holding our baby while she sleeps
·      Playing games with our girls
·      Reading my book
·      Reading to the girls
·      Parents hour when the children go to morning resort activities.
·      Ice coffees during the day and Bailey’s on the rocks during the evening.
·      Sunsets on the lake
·      Steve grilling meals while I make a few easy sides in the cabin
·      A bigger cabin
·      Watching the girls fish
·      Watching the girls swim like fish
·      Good snacks
·      Removing the anxieties of daily life
·      Relaxing

I am so excited!
Have a great weekend.

Love, Gina

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