Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Summer, please don't leave us.

 Steve and the 3 older girls are at the Twins game tonight and I have found myself home alone with Miss Cecelia.  It is rare that I am home alone in the evenings.  Cece has long gone to bed and I decided to sit down, play some music and look through all of the fun photos from the summer.  Next week the 3 older girls start school and it makes me so sad.  It is so hard to say goodbye to summer and all of the fun that goes with it.  We have had a wonderful summer, all of the girls are the perfect ages, Cece included.  I don't take for granted what we have been given and the household we have that is so full of life.  I tear up as I look at the photos, smiling at all of the fun and memories that we have.  There are so many pictures but I tried to pick out a few of my favorite with a little recap.  I forgot to take any photos when we visited my family a few weeks ago but time got away from me with all of the little nieces and nephews running around.

Miss Tess went to Camp Icaghowan again this year and loved every minute of it.  Her camp counselor was so complimentary of her, it made me so proud.  She is our brave little soul that can be away from home for days.
 this is the little lady she couldn't wait to get her hands on when we picked her up.
 Sydney finished up with her fun Apple Camp and we picked up Kate and drove to Wisconsin to pick her up.  The bandana was a great idea because I was helping her comb her hair after her first shower at home and asked her if she combed her hair the entire camp and she replied, "Once."  Nice.
 In July Steve's Grandma B celebrated a special birthday.
 The kids all enjoyed playing with the extended family that made it to her party.

 we even took a picture of the "big cousins" that made it.
 Then we enjoyed a little BBQ on this lovely farm.
 I loved watching the kids

 and actually the adults too.

 This wonderful couple was the "celebrity couple" in town from California.
We love them and are so sad that we don't get to see them more.  They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.
 One of the cutest hosts shared her toys well
 And this sweet couple owns this beautiful farm and hosted our circus with literally no notice.
 Isn't it so much fun when we can be spontaneous and do something unplanned?
 we all loved it
 and hope we can do it again.
 We also visited Steve's Grandma S. in her new digs.  She is doing so well and never complains.
Even though I am sure it was hard to say good bye to her old digs.
What a cute house
 and what cute kids (I am biased.)

 They also said good bye to the creek in the back yard, everything has a special memory.
 Then Tess had her final camp on the ice.
 She loved it.
 and I may someday get used to freezing on the bleachers.

 Then last weekend we were invited to this beautiful place by dear friends.
 We relaxed, laughed, drank coffee, spent a lot of time on the water
 and enjoyed every second of this little piece of heaven.
I didn't take many photos as I was taking it all in and my dear friend is a talented photographer and my photos will pale in comparison.
 The kids were all so good and we were so grateful to their family for this wonderful weekend.
How on earth is summer almost over?  I know we have so much to look forward to with 4 small children here but I can't help but get a little sad when I see another summer come to a close.  I will try to stop whining about this but it is really hard for me.  We are blessed with such wonderful family and friends.  Life is not perfect here but it really is wonderful.  Thank you to everyone for making our summer so nice and memorable, now I must go and enjoy it.

Love, Gina


stacey said...

It was a wonderful summer. Also so sad to see it go.
Love you.

Danica said...

At the risk of whining - I honestly didn't even notice summer come. Is it almost over?