Friday, August 08, 2014

Vacation all I ever wanted

Last weekend we finished our annual trip to Eagles Nest in Nisswa and I have to admit, it was bliss.  The below photo may be a little bit of an embarrassing sign of the times but not once did Steve complain about all of the things I had packed so bring on the trailer!  
We stopped on the way at our favorite junk treasure store.

always a favorite for the children
then after a short time we reached heaven on earth.
and quickly hit the water

every day we hit the water, several times a day.
Fancy Nancy did some fishing

and we watched many beautiful sunsets.
We fished in our P.J.'s

and caught some "giant" fish!

When we weren't on the water we played at the park on the resort

and then back to the water again.

These little ladies kept us all very happy

and these two ladies kept us laughing.
There was lots of cabin bonding

And we hit a very fancy dinner
with these lovely people.
We roasted s'mores
and some cute people enjoyed pureed food.
we ventured to new parks

and enjoyed a family picnic.

some of us preferred to sleep during the day while on vacation (night time is for partying on vacation.)
Others enjoyed the water every single minute.

I laughed with this guy
and we all held this girl!

This girl fished several times a day.

The turtle races still remain a favorite.

(note our favorite family photo sulker)

A walk or bike ride into town always required a stop at The Chocolate Ox

And baths for this little cutie.

The sisters loved taking our littlest out into the water

and she loved it too.

Tubing with Uncle Mark always makes everyone happy.

A little dinner out at Rafferty's

and the pontoon afternoon was a hit.

The last supper is the sad reality that vacations do have to end.

One last sunset makes everyone happy.

Not a good bye kiss but a "fish hook" to the face.
One last forced family photo for the crazy Mom
goodbye to this beautiful place.

we can't wait for next year
but we must also say goodbye to our dear candy store.
I am sorry for the ridiculous amount of photos but I took 1900 and I couldn't narrow them down anymore as everyone looked so happy and cute on all of them.  I took my camera with me instead of my phone.  A wise choice.  This place is such a wonderful place for our family to relax and enjoy each other.  The girls were perfect and we all loved it and admittedly I was very, very sad on Monday.  We are looking forward to going back again.

Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina


Naomi said...

I love all your pics. Looks like such an awesome time! So glad you had a blast. Hope all is well. Xo

stacey said...

I always love your trip synopsis with photos. They make me smile. It looks like such a wonderful vacation!