Monday, September 01, 2014

I want to start summer over.

Last week was our first week of school and I was so very sad.  We had a wonderful summer together and it seems impossible to me that it is already over.  
The girls were all very excited.  It was only their Mom that needed to get a grip.  

Sydney starting 5th grade was probably the hardest for me, it is hard to see your firstborn grow up so fast and the rapid passing of time is hard for me handle.  Sydney still really enjoys doing things with us and I dread the day when she doesn't.  But for now I will eat it up.  
 Tess was also very excited, she has always loved school.

 they are growing up so fast.
 I thought the crew looked so beautiful.
 Then 2 days later this little lady had her dream come true, she went to school with the "big girls!"  She has been dreaming of this day for years and was thrilled to start kindergarten this year.
 She was ready and we are so proud of her.
I still have this beauty home with me but I still miss the girls like crazy.  I cried, I couldn't help it.  I know you aren't surprised.  
Thank God for the summer of 2014, we have been blessed.  
Have a good night.
Love, Gina


Naomi said...

So cute. Hopefully days become easier for you! I have mixed emotions about summer being was a good summer--just not crazy awesome. Ha. Im just not ready for winter.... ;) xo

stacey said...

I can so relate. It was the best summer yet. And I'm happy to know I'm not the only crazy crying mom. Love you.