Monday, September 08, 2014

Living for the weekends.

This past weekend we remembered my Auntie Joyce and my friend Kelly's Mom at the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Walk.  Two wonderful women that were taken too soon by this awful disease.  
 The first song they played that day was one of Joyce's favorite songs and I am sure it was no coincidence.  We had a great time and the kids were great troopers as usual.
 Steve was out of town so it was really nice to have my Mom in town.  Mom, Beth and I went for pedicures and out of an adult dinner at Broders Pasta Bar on Friday night.  The food was wonderful.  It has been so long since the three of us just hung out without children.  It was really a nice time and so wonderful to catch up and laugh together.

 On Saturday night my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Mark took Tess with them to the Twins game.  Tess had a great time and was giddy about it when she got home.
Lastly, Cece hit a big milestone this morning that every baby hits…she pooped in the tub.  Nice.  This is the "first" that I can live without.  
Mornings can be a little busy around here, especially Monday and cleaning that up was not on my list.  Then we got to school and I took a glance at Tess and said, "Did you comb or brush your hair this morning?"  She responded, "Oops, I forgot."  Just a day in the life.  Have a great week.

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Living for the weekends....but let's clarify...except for the ones where we work.
Yay for Broders!! So happy you were able to get out.
And so funny, but my sister and hubby were at the same game Tess was at and sitting in "our" seats, which look to be right about where they were!