Friday, September 26, 2014

The Randomness Continues

I haven't had a minute to post anything lately so I am back to a posting of randomness in no random order:
A favorite photo from a few years ago during harvest time.  (Watching Uncle Joe.)
  • I am so excited for the weekend and I don't even know what we are really doing, maybe that is why I am excited.  It is the beginning of a special week for me;)
  • The weather around here is just beautiful, I could handle this year round.
  • I have had some very special patients lately that have made my work very worthwhile.  
  • I cried in front of our sitter last week, mostly because I was just spent after work. (And hungry.  Not sure when I will become a "big girl.")
  • I had a talk with Tess about her need to start wearing deodorant, after our talk I kept catching her sniffing her pits and smiling to herself.  (Remember when you were little and felt so excited to be growing up?)
  • Later she came home from school and tattled on Gabby and said, "Gabby used my B.O. without permission."  (She meant her deodorant.)
  • While doing school shopping Gabby really wanted me to buy her a bra.  (I almost told her to hang on a little bit and as soon as my chest returns to its "post 4th baby chest" we can actually just share bras!)
  • Cece is crawling all over.  
  • Syd seems to really enjoy helping Gabby get ready for school.
  • Tess enjoys holding Cece every minute. 
  • Cece is still in our room.
  • Sydney is putting the pressure on about a phone...we aren't cracking.  
  • I went on a fun field trip with Tess.
  • Cece volunteers at school with me on my back and it is hilarious to hear what the little kids have to say to me about her, such as: "You have a baby on your back."  Wow, I do?  "Your baby is really cute."  I think so too.  "Is your baby alive because she looks dead."  Whoa.  
  • We hosted another successful kids movie night at our house with the movie playing outside on a projector.  The kids loved it.  
  • Cece went to her first Gopher game at TCF stadium last weekend.  
  • I am ambivalent about extra activities getting into full swing.  I know the girls enjoy them but I  love unstructured, relaxing days.  Does this make me a bad Mom?
  • I am really looking forward to a family weekend.
Have a great weekend. 
Love,  Gina

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stacey said...

No, that does not make you a bad mom.
Love your random lists and I hope your weekend was special and wonderful. xo