Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday night randomness

  • Steve is having a "guys weekend" this weekend and I don't even feel crabby about it.  It isn't very often he gets to hang out with his brother or college friends. 
  • I am excited my Mom is coming to town for the Moca walk, probably why I am not crabby that Steve is leaving. 
  • I found Tess counting her money the other night and asked her what she was saving up for and she quickly responded, "A dog."  Persistent.
  • Gabby is enjoying Kindergarten so far.  They have a rest period every day and if they are good and quiet they get a sticker.  She is on day #7 and she has 2 stickers…..hmmm.  We didn't name her Gabby because she is quiet.  She claims that people are bothering her, I know it isn't her fault;)
  • I cleaned my house today because Paul and my Mom are coming to town (I like to pretend we live like civil people.)  Cece screamed a majority of the time while I tried to accomplish this.  She had a look on her face that said, "Mommy, why are you trying to do this now, you haven't cleaned all summer, remember your priorities, you know you hold me all of the time."  
  • Sydney really seems to like school this year so far.  
  • We ran to the bus yesterday because we almost missed it. (2nd week of school.)  I am pretty sure all of the parents watching thought, "Wow, she really needed a 4th baby," as I ran with Cece in tow.  People we were only late because we were finishing up practicing our instruments, doing our foreign language homework and calculus…..aka watching cartoons too long and digging through unfolded laundry for clothes. 
  • I am enjoying the first 2 weeks of minimal homework and after school activities.  
  • I love the weekend off.
  • Have a great weekend!!!!
Love, Gina


AnaVolovsek said...

I miss you!

stacey said...

She is the sweetest.

Sarah said...

I might have to buy Tess a dog. I have never seen anyone be so persistent!

Naomi said...

I love your random post. It made me giggle. Tess can have our dog. ;)