Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Feeling the love

Are you sick of hearing about my birthday yet?  I promise I will stop writing about it soon.  I just don't ever want to forget all of the details so I have no choice but to bore you with the details.  I do love birthdays and this one was no different.  Everyone made me feel so special.

This guy worked really hard to make everything special for me.
 along with these sweet girls.
 Steve knew I wanted no part in a surprise party and he kept my wishes and made me feel very special along with my family and friends.  My sister started me out with our normal Saturday morning coffee date but had flowers and gifts waiting at Patisserie 46 on "our table."  It was very sweet.  Then I went home and the girls told me to shower…sometimes an optional activity as a Mom.  Then they all got dressed up and brought me out to the van and asked me to go in the back seat because Steve was going to be my chauffeur.  Then they provided me with a beverage and snack.  Then they pulled out my "Mom Books" that they had written in for my birthday for me to read on the drive.  They took me on a scenic route around the lakes and then dropped me off at a spa.  They had made me an appointment for a massage and pedicure.  It was wonderful and I loved it!  Then they picked me up and took me to Chipotle for lunch.  Again, no cooking, my favorite.  Then the 6 of us went to see a few houses on the Remodelers Showcase.  This is also one of my favorite things to do.  The girls were good and we all enjoyed it.  Then Steve arranged for a sitter for the evening and we met friends for a wonderful dinner.  
The next day was more family activities.  We went on a 11 mile bike ride and stopped at a wonderful park for a picnic and playing.  The weather was perfect and it was one of my favorite days as a parent so far.  Everyone was happy and it was simple fun.  It felt like a gift.

 Then my local family came for dinner and we celebrated again!  Before I put Gabby to bed she told me she couldn't wait for my birthday in the morning and I said, "Yes, then I will be a big girl."  She responded, "Then I won't be able to touch your shoulders anymore!"  Cute.
 Then on my actual birthday my friend brought me a mocha to drink while I did the normal morning Mom rush to get children out the door.  They were all so excited for my birthday, it was so sweet.

 Then I got to talk to my Mom on the phone before heading out to Rustica for this treat with my girlfriend.  Just as it looks, it was delicious and relaxing.
 then Miss Cece went for a visit to Greg's and Beth and I went out for a nice lunch at Bluestem Bar.   Again, delicious.
After a leisurely afternoon I went home to be a Mom again.  Greg brought a great after school treat for the kids so everyone was happy.  The girls did fight after school and that really irritated me on my "special day."  But I got over it as this is their normal routine after getting off the bus.  I became happy again when Steve arrived home with sushi and french silk pie for dinner.  So as you can see, my "birthday week" was wonderful and I still have some more celebrating to do yet!  I was treated to bagels this morning, coffee tomorrow.  I do have a life of leisure..ha.  But seriously, I am so thankful to everyone for making my 30th so special!  All of the phone calls, cards, messages, texts and emails have made me so happy.  I promise I will stop talking about my birthday now I am a little old for this behavior,  I sound attention starved don't I?  Sorry.  

Have a great night.
Love, Gina

P.S. As I review this post…it seems a little "food focused" doesn't it?  I will admit it, I am not that great of a cook and going out for food it a special treat that I don't do very often (until this week.)


Naomi said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration--celebrating a wonderful person! Glad you were feeling the love! :) see you soon. Xo

stacey said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday week!

AnaVolovsek said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Birthday! I miss you so dang much!