Tuesday, October 07, 2014

September and October Highlights

We welcomed this sweet baby to the family
sweet baby Caden
Is there anything better than holding a sweet little newborn?
Don't eat him Cece!
This little lady chopped her hair and we love it!
 I joined her class on a field trip around Minneapolis
 I enjoyed the time with Tess and snapped a photo of her and her best friend "Tessa"
 These 2 are still buddies.
 and this little lady went to her first of many Gopher games.  The other girls didn't go so Steve and I were having fun with one!
 and Auntie spoiled her.
 While we were in Steve's hometown I snapped a few photos while in a very beautiful cemetery there.
Maybe not the most appropriate place for a photo shoot but it lightened the mood and
 they really did look so cute together.
 I think they are related.
 Next we celebrated Grandma V's 90th Birthday.

 there were a lot of kids for the girls to celebrate with.
and you didn't think I was done talking about my birthday did you?  
One last surprise lunch celebration for me, thanks friends!   I really am spoiled.  
I had a sad weekend at work, sad reminders of how quickly life can change.  Sometimes sad things happen to good people.  For these people I pray.

Have a nice day.
Love, Gina

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